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ensitech social media policy


This policy has been intentionally drafted to be technology neutral and in response to changes in the platforms and practices around social media use. It applies broadly to employees and contractor’s use of social media and digital technologies in their capacity as representatives of the company.

The Company’s social media policy outlines our position on the appropriate use of social media and digital technologies when engaging the public and contractors.


This Policy is applicable to all employees of Ensitech Pty Ltd (“the Company”).

It is essential that employees understand that comments made via social media platforms are as public as if the same comments were made to the media or at a public forum.

Policy Statement

The Company will actively and appropriately participate, moderate and monitor in the conversations on, and engage with the communities of, different social media platforms. This engagement and moderation is underpinned by four key objectives. These are to: actively and genuinely listen to the users we are connected to; inform those users about the Company and it’s programs; consult and involve those users in discussions about the Company and the wider welding and stainless steel community; collaborate, engage and empower

Across any of these objectives, our use of social media will always be: Credible, transparent and accurate to the best of our knowledge Respectful, friendly, professional and consistent with the code of conduct Responsible to the culture and community practices of each platform we establish an account on.

This updated policy is designed to continue to build a culture of openness, trust and integrity in the Company’s use of social media.

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